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Right from the start, Jumpstart helps you in three important ways:

1. Let Everyone Know You are a Serious Buyer

A Jumpstart Same Day Pre-Approval* from ChoiceOne Bank lets everyone – from your real estate agent to the seller – know you are a serious buyer, prequalified for a mortgage you can afford. You eliminate the risk of being treated as a casual shopper – you command attention and extra effort of a serious buyer.

2. Know the Extent of Your Buying Power

Your real estate agent can better direct you in the home-buying process, knowing that you have serious buying power. Sellers will be more responsive, knowing that they are dealing with a prospect who is prequalified. And you will have the extra confidence to examine your options objectively, knowing exactly the extent of your buying power. 

3. Streamline Your Buying Process

Jumpstart Pre-Approval keeps you moving throughout the home buying process. While we’re quickly prequalifying your Jumpstart application, you can be busy looking for the home that’s perfect for you. Typically, people find the house they want, and then spend weeks or months waiting to find out if the transaction will close. With Jumpstart, you can move into your new home shortly after your offer to purchase is accepted.

Jumpstart Apply Now  


*Subject to credit approval. Final loan approval is contingent on property appraisal, clearance of title and confirmation of current loan application information.