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Debt Buster Program 

DebtBusterOur Debt Buster Program is a service we offer to review all your loans and possibly save you money! With Debt Buster we look at:

  • shortening your term
  • lowering your interest rates
  • lowering your payments

Through an in-depth analysis done by our Debt Buster team, we look at all of your loans—whether home, auto, or personal—and make sure your loans are at the right term and rate for your lifestyle. We can help you consolidate your debt leaving more money in your pocket!

Providing you with smart financial options is another way ChoiceOne maintains its status as the local choice for all your financial needs. When it comes to your home and family, you can expect trust, convenience and security from ChoiceOne Bank. We’re here to help you with the right choices for your home and personal loans… at every stage in your life.